Having a driver licence makes life a lot easier

It makes those little trips to see your mates, go to the shops or get down to the footy that much easier and it helps you get work. It gives you more choice in what you do as well as freedom and independence.

It’s not always straight forward trying to get your licence though. There are lots of things that can stop you in your tracks – from getting your identification documents together, knowing who to speak to and what to say, understanding which forms to fill in and how, or booking a test, finding driving lessons and completing your supervised driving hours.

Sometimes it can all get too difficult, but Driving Change can help you with all of it. We have youth workers located in nine communities across NSW. Our staff can assist you with all aspects of the licensing system, whether it’s getting your L or P licence, accessing a car and supervising driver, dealing with the State Debt Recovery Office or accessing legal help. Call in and see what they can do for you!