Buckle-Up Safely: Protecting your most precious cargo

Is your child sitting in the right seat for their age and size?  Have you strapped them in correctly?  Has your child car seat been installed correctly? 

We all want to make sure our children are travelling as safely as possible. This can be tricky – there may be confusion about the appropriate child car seat for age and knowing when to move your child to the next level of child car seat. 

Buckle-Up Safely is a child car seat program delivered by local Community Workers in 12 Aboriginal communities across NSW.  The program aims to deliver key messages about travelling safely with children in vehicles by providing communities with resources on how we can keep our children safe and providing access to child car seats.

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We can answer your questions about keeping your child safe in your car. We can offer:

  • Free educational workshops on child car seats. We talk about:
    • The types of child car seats available
    • Why it is important for your child to be in the right seat for their age and size
    • What to check to make sure your child car seat is correctly installed in your car, on every trip
    • What to check to make sure your child is correctly and safely secured in the child car seat
  • Free hands-on instruction on child car seat use
  • Free in-car child car seat checks
  • Access to subsidised child car seats
  • Access to multiple child road safety resources